CHROMagar™ Pseudomonas

Pour la détection et l’isolement de Pseudomonas spp.

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Colonies Appearance

CHROMagar Pseudomonas

Pseudomonas including 

P. aeruginosa


CHROMagar Pseudomonas

Most of Enterobacteriaceae

mauve to violet or inhibited


Pseudomonas are ubiquitous bacteria found in the soil, on plants, in freshwater and marine habitats. Many strains can grow at low temperature (psychrophilic strains) and may contaminate food or pharmaceutical products stored in the refrigerator.


P. aeruginosa is a valid indicator for recreational water disinfection efficacy. This parameter is currently used as a criterion in the regulation of wading and swimming pools. Moreover, P. aeruginosa is important not only in terms of its role as an indicator, but also because it is an opportunistic pathogen whose transmission is often associated with water.


Other forms of Pseudomonas bacteria are known to cause food spoilage at low temperatures. These psychrophillic Pseudomonas strains include: P. fragi, which causes spoilage of dairy products, P. taetrolens which causes mustiness in eggs and P. mudicolens and P. lundensis, which cause spoilage of milk, cheese, meat, and fish, but are rarely a cause of food poisoning.

1. Fast : From 24 h incubation.

4. Simple to use : Colonies can be viewed under normal lighting conditions. Pseudomonas colonies develop with an intense blue-green colony colour, clearly visible to the naked eye.

2. Filtration method : A membrane filtration method can be used for detection from 100 mL of water, the inoculated membrane is placed, on the agar plate.

5. Easy to read : One unique intensified colour for Pseudomonas.

3. Easy preparation : The pre-weighed agar powder is mixed with the required volume of distilled water.


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