CHROMagar™ Y. enterocolitica

For detection and differentiation of pathogenic Yersinia enterocolitica strains

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Colonies Appearance

Pathogenic Y. enterocolitica 


Non pathogenic Y. enterocolitica and background flora (Citrobacter, Enterobacter, Aeromonas etc)

Metallic blue, inhibited or limited growth in metallic blue colour


Among the Yersinia genus, Yersinia enterocolitica is one of the most common food borne pathogen. In several countries, Y. enterocolitica has eclipsed Shigella and approaches Salmonella and Campylobacter as the predominant cause of acute bacterial gastroenteritis. Its ability to grow at refrigeration temperature makes it an increasing concern in terms of food safety. This germ most commonly affects young individuals. However, only a few strains of Y. enterocolitica cause illness in humans. Those pathogenic Y. enterocolitica strains belong to biotypes 1B, 2, 3, 4, and 5, whereas biotype 1A strains are non-pathogenic and widespread in the environment. The major animal Y. enterocolitica reservoir causing illnesses are pigs.

Intended Use

CHROMagar™ Y.enterocolitica is a selective chromogenic culture medium intended for use in the qualitative direct detection, differentiation and presumptive identification of pathogenic biotypes of Yersinia enterocolitica. The test is performed with rectal swabs and stools, to aid in the diagnosis of Y. enterocolitica infections. Results can be interpreted after 36-48 h of aerobic incubation at 30 °C ± 2 °C.


Concomitant cultures are necessary to recover organisms for further microbiological testing or epidemiological typing. A lack of growth or the absence of colonies on CHROMagar™ Y.enterocolitica does not preclude the presence of Y. enterocolitica. CHROMagar™ Y.enterocolitica is not intended to diagnose infection nor to guide nor monitor treatment for infections. CHROMagar™ Y.enterocolitica can also be used in the detection of Y. enterocolitica in the analyses of food products for human consumption, animal feed and in environmental samples.

1. High specificity of the mauve color:


Clear differentiation of Yersinia among background flora : Background flora, such as Citrobacter, often has a Yersinia-like red aspect on CIN agar which generate a heavy routine workload on false positive results. Thanks to CHROMagar™ Y.enterocolitica, this unnecessary workload will be eliminated as only pathogenic Yersinia enterocolitica colonies will grow mauve.


Colorful differentiation of pathogenic among non pathogenic : In traditional culture media like CIN agar, pathogenic and non-pathogenic biotypes have the same aspect. On CHROMagar™ Y.enterocolitica, the pathogenic biotypes grow in a distinctive mauve colour, differentiated at a glance, from the non pathogenic which will grow metallic blue.

2. High selectivity : reduction of background flora : Background flora is dramatically reduced on CHROMagar™ Y.enterocolitica allowing an easy reading of the plates. The laboratory will concentrate its efforts and resources only on suspect colonies that have a real potential of pathogenicity.


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