CHROMagar™ Identification Listeria

For confirmation of L. monocytogenes species from suspect colonies on CHROMagar™ Listeria

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Colonies Appearance

CHROMagar Identification Listeria

L. monocytogenes

Pink with white halo

L. ivanovii

Colourless with white halo

L. innocua

Pink without halo


Listeria monocytogenes is a widespread bacteria, present in the soil, sewage or faecal matter. Its ability to form listerial biofilms on contact surfaces makes it difficult to eliminate. This pathogen can cause serious food poisoning and is therefore frequently a microbial Q.C. target in food processing facilities to avoid food contamination. Contamination can occur at all steps of the food manufacturing chain from raw materials to place of consumption.


CHROMagar™ has developed a rapid method for the detection of L. monocytogenes in food stuff, comprising the following simple steps (1) enrichement in half frazer broth for 24h, (2) isolation in CHROMagar™ Listeria, (3) confirmation of Listeria monocytogenes species in CHROMagar™ Identification Listeria.

1. Simplicity and Quick results: Classical confirmatory tests for the L. monocytogenes species include many tedious and time consuming steps.


CHROMagar™ Identification Listeria simplifies the species confirmatory step and reduces the workload, hence improves the efficiency of the laboratory.


A single spot of a suspect colony out of CHROMagar™ Listeria directly put onto CHROMagar™ Identification Listeria, will provide confirmation of L. monocytogenes species within 24 hours. 


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