CHROMagar™ B.cepacia

Chromogenic medium for detection and enumeration of Burkholderia cepacia complex

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Colonies Appearance


green-blue +/- blue halo




Burkholderia cepacia complex (BCC), is a group of lactose-nonfermenting, Gram-negative bacteria composed of at least 20 different species, including B. cepacia, B. multivorans, B. cenocepacia et B. contaminans. BCC species can survive for long periods and multiply in hostile environments such as antiseptic and disinfectant solutions, distilled water, whirlpool baths, nebulizers and urinary catheters. Moreover, bacteria from the BCC show multidrug resistance.


BCC is among the most important pathogens isolated from cystic fibrosis patients and in hospital acquired infections. The pathogen causes life-threatening infections in cystic fibrosis patients which is associated with pulmonary function decline. It is also a cause of fatal disease in patient with chronic granulomatous disease. Several BCC outbreaks have been described due to contaminated medications, medical products and equipments. Therefore, a rapid detection and identification of bacteria from BCC are critical point for cystic fibrosis patients, but also for various non-sterile products used in hospitals and in environment.


The slowest growing species of BCC can be missed on conventional media such as Drigalski or MacConkey Agar due to the overgrowth of other organisms. CHROMagar™ B.cepacia is a strongly selective chromogenic medium which will detect most of the bacteria from the BCC within 24 - 36h.

1. HIGH INTENSITY: Burkholderia cepacia complex (BCC) colonies develop with an intense green-blue colony colour, clearly visible to the naked eye.

4. STRAINS OF INTEREST : A few non-fermenting strains can form green-blue colonies. Some of these strains detected were reported as of diagnostics interest.

3. ALL IN ONE : Save time, the pre-weighed medium powder can be added to distilled water. No supplement is required.


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