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New product: CHROMagar™ Pasteurella

Bacteria of Pasteurellaceae family are commensal to the upper respiratory tract of many vertebrate species. Histophilus somni, Pasteurella multocida and Mannheimia hemolytica are among the main bacteria associated with the pathogen complex animal respiratory diseases. The impact of such respiratory infections can be significant especially in cattle herds where we would observe stunted growth, decline in milk […]

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Optimizing detection in Food and Water samples

CHROMagar™ C.perfringens is the only culture media designed to detect and enumerate Clostridium perfringens in food and water samples.  Specific and selective, this medium detects Clostridium perfringens colonies by an intense orange colouration, the other microorganisms being blue, metallic blue or inhibited. <img class=”vce-single-image” src=”” width=”600″ height=”250″ alt=”” title=”advantages_chromagar_cperfringens” /> Performances: Specific medium for Clostridium perfringens while […]

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