RambaQUICK™ Salmonella

For Rapid detection of Salmonella species including S. typhi, S. paratyphi and lactose positive Salmonella

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To prepare 5000 mL of media (250 tests) : 3 packs of SQ001 + 1 pack of SA162


Colonies Appearance

Salmonella including S. typhi, S. paratyphi  A and lactose positive Salmonella



From the CDC report Trends in Foddborne Ilness, 1996-2010:


« This year’s report (released in CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report [MMWR]) summarizes 2010 data from FoodNet and provides the best measure of trends in foodborne disease from 1996–2010. It confirms that Salmonella infection has not declined in 15 years,… » One of the report recommendations to reduce the number of Salmonella infections is “Enhancing laboratory testing and disease reporting to more quickly identify outbreaks and their causes »


RambaQUICK™ Salmonella Method: Rapid and Simple !


The RambaQUICK™ Salmonella method was designed with the aim of simplifying the test procedure while maintaining a high level of sensitivity within a conventional culture methodology.

1.  2 en 1 Enrichment step : The RambaQUICK™ selective broth is a combination of the best functions found in each of both conventional enrichments, the RVs and the MKTTn broths. After the revivification phase in BPW, the Salmonella replicates at the exponential growth phase in the optimized RambaQUICK™ Salmonella broth, which offers not only a highly nutrient environment but also inhibits the growth of competitive flora.

2. Fast method :


  • Negative in 2 days,
  • Positive in 3 days.

3. Simple :


  • One selective enrichment,
  • One culture plate.

4. Meets ISO 6579 requirements : by detecting lactose positive Salmonella in intense colour on CHROMagar™ Salmonella Plus.


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