CHROMagar™ Streptococcus

For isolation and differentiation of Streptococcus spp.

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5000 mL Pack ……………..CQ392

Included : base CQ392(B) + supplement CQ392(S)


Colonies Appearance

S. agalactiae



Mauve to purple

S. uberis

Blue to metallic blue


Environmental Streptococci are considered to be major mastitis pathogens because they typically cause high somatic cell counts, persistent infections and milk bacterial contamination. CHROMagar™ Streptococcus was designed to help in the Mastitis diagnosis, particularly as an aid to differentiate species involved in the udder infection.


There are other applications where CHROMagar™ Streptococcus has also shown to be a useful tool to differentiate Streptococci in samples heavily loaded with a complex bacterial flora.

1.  Highly selective : for Streptococcus group.

2. Color differentiation : allows a clear color differentiation of various Streptococci species.

3. Fast result : results within 24 h of incubation.

4.  Easy interpretation : CHROMagar™ Streptococcus is suitable for specimens heavily loaded with microbial flora.





Combining the performances of our technology, this three-sectors plate contains CHROMagar™ Staphylococcus, CHROMagar™ Streptococcus and CHROMagar™ Mastitis GN.

With the high specificity of the three CHROMagar™ media, this tool allows a very wide differentiation spectrum of microorganisms, particularly interesting in complex matrices like milk from Mastitis cases or animal forensic samples.

Pre-poured plates are now available in several countries in Europe, USA and Brazil. Ask your local distributor for more information.


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