CHROMagar™ Staphylococcus

For isolation and direct differentiation of Staphylococcus

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5000 mL Pack …………….. CQ382


Colonies Appearance

S. aureus

Pink to mauve


S. epidermidis

Colourless to pinkish

S. saprophyticus

Turquoise blue







Combining the performances of our technology, this three-sectors plate contains CHROMagar™ Staphylococcus, CHROMagar™ Streptococcus and CHROMagar™ Mastitis GN.

With the high specificity of the three CHROMagar™ media, this tool allows a very wide differentiation spectrum of microorganisms, particularly interesting in complex matrices like milk from Mastitis cases or animal forensic samples.

Pre-poured plates are now available in several countries in Europe, USA and Brazil. Ask your local distributor for more information.


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