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Where can i find my CHROMagar distributor?


CHROMagar dedicated a page to locate your distributor in more than  80 countries in the world !

On the Home page, click on the icon "Contact"

Once on the webpage, you can:

  • Locate the nearest distributor with the rolling cell !
  • Ask us directly a question. we will be pleased to answer to you shortly.
  • Find our company contact information.

In some countries, CHROMagar products are available either in dehydrated powder or ready to made plates.


CHROMagar Acinetobacter :
a worldwide premiere!

Once again, CHROMagar triggers a revolution in the field of culture media, inventing the first chromogenic media targeting Acinetobacter species.

Like in 2002, with CHROMagar MRSA, CHROMagar company pioneers in easing the Acinetobacter detection. Thanks to its intense red colour, it is now easy to distinguish Acinetobacter colonies just after overnight incubation!

Discover more details in the new dedicated product page