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CHROMagar™ Campylobacter

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For Detection of thermotolerant Campylobacter

Typical Appearance of microorganisms

Campylobacter jejuni, coli, lari → red
Other Bacteria → blue or inhibited

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5000 mL.............. CP572
25 L...................  CP573-25

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Medium Performance

as a selective medium for the detection of Campylobacter

36-48 h incubation at 42 °C. The intense red colored colonies on a translucent agar facilitates the reading compared to charcoal based agar.

enumerating Campylobacter has never been so simple and so reliable.

In addition, a reinforced selectivity allows for a very clean plate, even with heavily flora loaded samples. 

Media Description

Please refer to our notice and Material Safety data sheet for complete information about the medium. 
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Last Update:08-June-2020

Focus on Campylobacter

Campylobacter bacteria are a major cause of foodborne diarrhoeal illness in humans and are the most common bacteria that cause gastroenteritis worldwide. In developed and developing countries, they cause more cases of diarrhoea than foodborne Salmonella. The high incidence of Campylobacter diarrhoea, as well as its duration and possible sequelae, makes it highly important from a socio-economic perspective. In developing countries Campylobacter infections in children under the age of two years are especially frequent, sometimes resulting in death.” World Health Organization (WHO)  Fact sheet n° 255

Campylobacter spp. are fastidious bacteria that may be difficult to recover due to suboptimal specimen transport and/ or storage conditions and lack of proper culture procedures. Several culture media formulations have been developed, some bloodbased other including charcoal. Each of these media have shown to be a mediocre compromise between specificity and sensitivity.

With CHROMagarTM Campylobacter, no compromises! This medium allies the highly specific and easy to read chromogenic technology with an unrivalled growth agar base.


Evaluation of different Campylobacter jejuni isolates to colonize the intestinal tract of commercial turkey poults and selective media for enumeration


M. J. Sylte, M. H. Inbody, T. A. Johnson, T. Looft and J. E. Line Poultry Science Association 97:1689-1698 November 2017

Comparison of four different selective media for the quantification of Campylobacter in poultry meat and rapid confirmation of suspect colonies


Ghent University, Faculty of Veterinary Medecine 2017

Evaluation comparative de trois milieux de culture sélectifs: CHROMagar Campylobacter (CHROMagar), Karmali (Oxoid) et Campylosel (bioMérieux), pour la recherche des Campylobacter thermotolérants à partir des échantillons fécaux


D.Bensersa-Nedjar, A.Zerouki, N.Aggoune, F.Yamouni, F/Z Henniche, A.Chabani - Service de microbiologie/ Hôpital Central de l’Armée, Alger, Algérie
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