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Discover some abstracts of the speeches from 5 brilliant scientists invited for the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the 1st patented chromogenic media (Paris, September 12th, 2009).

To commemorate the 30th anniversary of this technology, CHROMagar organised a symposium in Paris, around the history and the implementation of the chromogenic culture media.  The guests of this meeting were worldwide known scientists who contributed by their works to expand awareness, among the microbiology community, on the utility of this technology.  The meeting was held on September 12th 2009 (the exact 30th anniversary day).

- Introductive Speech

- Dr Rambach : "Chromogenic Pioneering Adventure"


- Dr F. Odds  : " Colour for fungi: the role of spam."

- Dr K. Bettelheim: "Chromogenic media for the detection and isolation of Verocytogenic strains of E.coli belonging to serogroup O157."

- Dr J. Merlino: " Past, Present and Future: Applications and integration of chromogenic culture media in clinical laboratories." 

-  Dr O. Gaillot: "Mass Spectroscopy and chromogenic media."

- Dr A. Le Coustumier: Birth of CHROMagar Staph aureus  and CHROMagar MRSA."


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 40 years of Experience

 First Chromogenic Media patented

RambachTM  Agar
Already commercially available in 1989

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