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A leader in Innovation 

CHROMagar Microbiology was incorporated in 1993 by inventor, and pioneer in chromogenic culture media technology, Alain Rambach. Established in the heart of Paris (France)not far from the famous Pasteur Institute where Dr. Rambach began his research career, CHROMagarTM provides innovative chromogenic culture media solutions, designed to improve and simplify traditional culture techniques. 
CHROMagar is at the cutting edge of a diagnostic field that developed out fo DR. Rambach's pioneering research in the late 1970's.

Today, CHROMagarTM supplies the widest range of chromogenic culture media available, covering applications in clinical bacteriology, industrial microbiology quality control for food and beverage industries, water testing and environmental monitoring... among other fields. These media allow for a quicker and simpler detection of key clinical and food-borne pathogens, including Salmonella, Staph aureus, Candida albicans, O157 E.coli, Group B Strep, E.coli, Listeria, Vibrio, Pseudomonas and C. perfringens.


Research-driven and high-tech, CHROMagar consists of a select team of highly-trained scientist and technicians led by its founder Dr. Rambach. A leader in the innovative field of chromogenic culture media technology, CHROMagarTM is a commercially successful and growing enterprise with efficient international reach through its worldwide distribution network.

CHROMagar's Major Strenghts 

  • 30 Years experience, specialization and know-how

A pioneer and specialist in chromogenic culture media technology, CHROMagarTM has been exploring both clinical and industrial microbial applications for over 40 years.

  • Innovation and research, at the heart of its activity

CHROMagarTM is fully committed to research with more than 50% of its human resources involved in research. CHROMagar’s mission is to find detection solutions for today’s infection control challenges such as those posed by multi-resistance bacteria.

  •  Worldwide recognition and an international distribution network

Dr. Rambach is well known in the microbiology community for his inventions. Meanwhile, renowned international scientist have studied the performance of CHROMagar media. These studies have heightened awareness of CHROMagar’s technology and are available online.

To consult these studies/papers, please click here.

Our Quality Control Policy 

  • ISO Certification
As a guarantee of its high standards, CHROMagarTM is certified ISO 13485.
Through this certification CHROMagarTM will meet rigorous quality standards for products involved in medical processes. CHROMagar's commitment to quality control improves the company processes with a view to complete client satisfaction.  

  • CEE Regulations
All CHROMagarTM products designed for clinical applications are CE marked, assuring the highest possible quality standards for productions processes as well as uniform product information (for labels and technical documents).

In keeping with CHROMagar's quality management approach and transparency policy, our clients can easily access our complete product inserts and technical documents in the Technical documents section of our website.

These documents include:
- Certificates of analysis.
- Material safety data sheets.
- Instructions for Use / Insert Notice.

CHROMagarTM Products  

What kind of bacteria are you trying to detect?
CHROMagarTM products have chromogenic media solutions in clinical, water-related, industrial and veterinarian fields!

Our entire range of products is available worldwide through more than 80 distributors located on every continent. To locate the distributor closest to you, please visit our "Contact" section.

CHROMagarTM products are sold in dehydrated form in the following sizes: Qsf 5L, Qsf 25 L. QSF stands for "Quantity of powder sufficient for X liters of media". A QSF 5L pack can prepare approximately 250 plates of media. Bulk sizes are also available upon request.

The following IVD symbol means "Sufficient for (contains sufficient for <n> tests)".
Depending on the product size, you will see on our labels:

5000 mL      25 L      10 Kg  

From our powder, CHROMagarTM chromogenic plates are easy to prepare.
Just add water to the powder, bring to boil, let it cool down and pour!. Use the entire pack or , if there is a need for a smaller number of plates just a portion.

If kept under appropriate storage temperatures, CHROMagarTM powder products have a long shelf life (2 to 3 years). This flexibility is essential to avoid the costly-waste resulting from unused plates.

For better security and to avoid product alteration during transportation, CHROMagarTM equips the bottle packs with secured tamper-evident screw caps with wads.
To provide our clients with full access to essential information, complete Instructions for Use (IFU) and technical documents are available for download on our website. Prepared media plates made with CHROMagar powder are available in several countries under ColorexTM and RambaCHROMTM trademarks.

General Terms and Conditions of Sales 

Please click in the following link to download our General Terms and Conditions of Sales.

CHROMagar™, ColorexTM, Rambach™, AquaCHROM™ are trademarks created by Dr. A. Rambach.
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40 years of Experience

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 First Chromogenic Media patented

RambachTMRead more about amoxicillin antibiotic here and order it online  Agar
Already commercially available in 1989

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CHROMagarTM Salmonella

CHROMagarTM Orientation

CHROMagarTM Candida

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CHROMagarTM Salmonella Plus

CHROMagarTM Pseudomonas

CHROMagarTM Vibrio

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