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Optimizing detection in Food and Water samples


CHROMagarTM C.perfringens is the only culture media designed to detect and enumerate Clostridium perfringens in food and water samples. Specific and selective, this medium detects Clostridium perfringens colonies by an intense orange colouration, the other microorganisms being blue, metallic blue or inhibited.

Performances: Specific medium for Clostridium perfringens while TSC medium detects sulfate-reducing bacteria, including non pathogens.

Easy reading: Intense orange colony color and differentiation from other microorganisms.

Lower workload & Flexibility: TSC medium requires sample to be placed between two layers of agar in order to grow in black colonies. It should be followed by a subculture before confirmation with acid phosphatase.

Whereas, CHROMagarTM C.perfringens can be used with pouring or surface methods (by direct streaking, spreading or filtration technique) and the confirmation with acid phosphatase test is carried from a colony of the plate, no need of subculture!

CHROMagarTM C.perfringens is the perfect solution together with acid phosphatase test (with Fast Blue RR Salt or Fast Violet B) to detect rapidly samples contaminated with Clostridium perfringens.

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