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E.sakazakii agar available at CHROMagar !


E.sakazakii agar is available in the CHROMagar product range for E.sakazakii detection (Cronobacter spp.) following the ISO/TS 22964 standard

Medium Performance

ISO/TS 22964 STANDARD: E.sakazakii agar is a chromogenic medium for detection of E.sakazakii in food, mainly powdered milk, according to the ISO/TS 22964 standard. 

INTENSE BLUE COLONIES: E.sakazakii will grow in blue colonies while most other bacteria will be inhibited or grow in colourless colonies, after Incubation at 44°C for 24h.


More information on E.sakazakii agar?
Visit the dedicated webpage for this product (click here) and contact your local distributor for information and pricing.
The Ordering Product Reference is CS812 (Pack with powder quantity sufficient for 5000ml of media)


E.sakazakii agar

Typical Appearance of microrganisms

→ green to blue 

Other Gram (-) 
→ inhibited, colourless or light purple/translucent colonies 

Gram (+) bacteria 
→ inhibited