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CHROMappic, the microbiologist's new favourite App.


Research-driven and high-tech, CHROMagar provides innovative chromogenic culture media solutions, designed to improve and simplify traditional culture techniques.

In an effort to continue improving and simplifying the identification of culture media CHROMagar has developed a software application, combining new technologies and microbiology.

This new App., called CHROMappic, allows users to have a direct contact with CHROMagar R&D team and, most important, it will allow them to take part in a scientific project led by CHROMagar to create an artificial intelligence system.

With CHROMappic you and your customers will be able contribute to the construction of a large database that will be used to train the learning base of an artificial intelligence system for plate reading, just by taking pictures of CHROMagar plates, indicating the bacteria on them and sharing them with CHROMagar R&D team.

Just download the app. and register and you will win an exclusive CHROMagar goodies.
If you upload a picture of a CHROMagar plate from your account, indicating the organism in them, you will participate in a lottery to win an iPad.


Download CHROMappic for free from your
Android or iPhone device