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CHROMagar Technology in the hands of Research Students at Marian University, USA!


Students from Mc Nair Marian University, guided by their dynamic Program Director Dr Susan Bornstein enjoy CHROMagar chromogenic culture media for their workshops and research programs.

Mc Nair Marian University is one of several hundred recipients of federally funded Ronald E. McNair Post-baccalaureate Achievement Program awards in excess of $1.1 million. This program - commonly known as the McNair Scholars Program - is established and named in honor of Challenger space shuttle astronaut Ronald E. McNair, Ph.D. 
It is underwritten by The U.S. Department of Education and is specifically designed to prepare students for doctoral studies through involvement in research and other scholarly activities.

For more than 30 years, CHROMagar is dedicated to Research and new bacterial detection solutions and, therefore, supports people who share this passion for research.
CHROMagar congratulates all participants of Mc Nair Marian University Program for their enthusiasm and involvement in scientific studies. 

Mc Nair Marian University Program Students - Fond du Lac, WI, USA 

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Marian University 

45 S. National Ave. Fond du Lac, 
WI 54935-4699