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CHROMagar™ mSuperCARBA™


CHROMagar has launched a brand new medium for the detection of gram-negative bacteria with a reduced susceptibility to most of the carbapenem agents.  

Short Background
CDC: «Carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CRE) are usually resistant to all β-lactam agents as well as most other classes of antimicrobial agents. The treatment options for patients infected with CRE are very limited. Healthcare-associated outbreaks of CRE have been reported. Patients colonized with CRE are thought to be a source of transmission in the healthcare setting. Identifying patients who are colonized with CRE and placing these patients in isolation precautions may be an important step in preventing transmission».

Detection Methods
Alain Rambach and Patrice Nordmann have joined their efforts to develop a highly sensitive chromogenic medium, CHROMagarTM mSuperCARBATM, the new generation of chromogenic media that reaches unprecedented performances: detection of a large variety of carbapenemases KPC, NDM, VIM, IMP, OXA…with an impressive limit of detection (10 CFU/ml) even for weakly expressed carbapenemases like OXA-48, while maintaining a high level of selectivity.

More information on CHROMagarTM mSuperCARBATM?
Visit the dedicated webpage for this product (click here) and contact your local distributor for information and pricing.
The Ordering Product Reference is SC172 (Pack with powder quantity sufficient for 5000ml of media)

Typical colonies Appearance

 CPE E.coli → dark pink to reddish
• CPE Coliforms → metallic blue 
• CPE Pseudomonas → translucent, +/- natural pigmentation cream to green
• CPE Acinetobacter → Cream
• Other Gram negative CPE → colourless, natural pigmentation
• Non-CPE E.coli/ Coliforms → inhibited
• Other Gram negative non-CPE → inhibited