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CHROMagar MH Orientation and Patients with Ventilated Associated Pneumonia


Viral respiratory tract infections can often be complicated by bacterial co-infections, this can be the case in particular with COVID-19 infections. Note that secondary infections are observed in intensive care (15 % of cases and factor of misdiagnosis) and not before hospitalization.

 CHROMagarTM MH Orientation , a chromogenic Mueller Hinton agar was developed with the aim to speed up the time to results by combining the chromogenic differentiation of the species and the antibiotic susceptibility test, allowing a same-day results in both fields contrary to the concomitant traditional protocol which takes 48 hours.

A potential application, in parallel to standard routine, is on samples from ICU patients with Ventilated Associated Pneumonia (VAP), which is one of the most frequent ICU nosocomial infections with high morbidity and mortality. Shortening the period in which empirical therapy can be optimized results in better outcomes.

As stated by a Spanish team, leader in this protocol, plating respiratory samples directly onto the CHROMagar
TM MH Orientation is “a rapid procedure for antimicrobial susceptibility testing (...) crucial for modifying therapeutic regimens”. ("Evaluation of direct E-test on lower respiratory tract samples using a chromogenic agar medium: a rapid procedure for antimicrobial susceptibility testing" E. Cercenado and al, ECCMID 2009)
Several studies have underlined that the direct specimen antibiotic-suceptibility testing on a CHROMagar
TM MH Orientation plate is a simple technique providing early determination of the microorganism and antimicrobial susceptibility data which is key to supply appropriate therapy with final aim to save lives and reduce healthcare costs.

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