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CHROMagar™ Staphylococcus

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For isolation and direct differentiation
of Staphylococcus in industrial samples

Typical Appearance of microrganisms
S.aureus → pink to mauve 
S.epidermidis → colourless to rosish 
S.saprophyticcus → turquoise blue 
Other Staphylococci → various 
Streptococci → inhibited 
Gram negative bacteria → inhibited

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    Medium Description

    Gain flexibility using powder rather than ready to use plates: Use the entire pack, or just a portion if there is a need for a smaller number of plates. If kept under appropriate storage temperature, CHROMagar Staphylococcus has a 2 years shelf of life. This flexibility is essential to avoid the waste resulting from expired-unused plates. 

Please refer to our IFU and Material Safety data sheet for complete information about the medium. 
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Last Update: 18-Jan-2017


Use of CHROMagar Staphylococcus with addition of Cefoxitin for early detection of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus, important pathogens in the implant-associated infection in traumatology - orthopedics


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Evaluation of an On-Farm Culture System (Accumast) for Fast Identification of Milk Pathogens Associated with Clinical Mastitis in Dairy Cows


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