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CHROMagar™ Enterobacteria

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For detection and enumeration of Enterobacteria 

Typical Appearance of microrganisms

E.coli → blue

Other Enterobacteriaceae → pink to red

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1. Easy differentiation between E.coli and other Enterobacteria by the color, unlike with VRBG. 

2. Easy reading the intense colored colonies on a clear agar background facilitate the reading, contrary to VRBG, where the small background allows little contrast. 


Medium Description

Gain flexibility using powder rather than ready to use plates: Use the entire pack, or if there is a need for a smaller number of plates, just a portion. If kept under appropriate storage temperature, CHROMagarTM Enterobacteria has a 2 years shelf of life. This flexibility is essential to avoid the waste resulting from expired-unused plates. 

Please refer to our IFU and Material Safety data sheet for complete information about the medium. CHROMagar™, Rambach™, AquaCHROM™ are trademarks created by Dr. A. Rambach.
Last Update: 19/07/2018


Validation of alternative method for the ISO 21528.


Laboratoire de Touraine

Enumeration medium study for enterobacteria by enumeration of colonies in food products.


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