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CHROMagar™ Cronobacter

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For isolation of Cronobacter spp.

Typical Appearance of microrganisms

Cronobacter spp. → green to blue
Other Gram (-) → colorless, clear green, black, yellow
Gram (+) bacteria → inhibited

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5000 mL .......... MC122

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Medium Performance

  1. ISO 22964 STANDARD: CHROMagarTM Cronobacter is a chromogenic medium for detection of Cronobacter spp. in food, animal feed and environmental samples in accordance with the ISO 22964 standard. 

  2. INTENSE GREEN TO BLUE COLONIES Cronobacter spp. will grow in green to blue colonies while most other bacteria will be inhibited or grow in colourless colonies, after incubation at 41.5 °C for 24 h.

Medium Description

Gain flexibility using powder rather than ready to use plates: Use the entire pack, or if there is a need for a smaller number of plates, just a portion. If kept under appropriate storage temperature, CHROMagarTM Cronobacter has a 2 years shelf of life. This flexibility is essential to avoid the waste resulting from expired-unused plates. No need of supplements: all components are included in the powder. 

Please refer to our IFU and Material Safety data sheet for complete information about the medium. CHROMagar™, Rambach™, AquaCHROM™ are trademarks created by Dr. A. Rambach.
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