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AquaCHROM™ Enterococcus

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Presence/Absence of Enterococcus
in 100 mL water samples. 

Liquid Technique

Typical Appearance of microrganisms

Enterococcus → Green to blue green liquid
Other Bacteria → Colourless or inhibited

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100*100 mL doses..........AQ135

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Medium Performance

Simply add the pre-weighed dose of AquaCHROMTM Enterococcus to a 100 mL water sample, shake and incubate at 41 °C for 18-24 h.

Medium Description

Please refer to our IFU and Material Safety data sheet for complete information about the medium. 
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Last update: 26 November, 2018

Focus on Enterococcus

Enterococcus are indicators of water quality, their presence meaning a greater risk of more harmful pathogens. Enterococcus are more resistant to difficult environmental conditions than coliforms, which permits to detect older contaminations.

Evaluation of two media for the detection of Enterococcus: AquaCHROM Enterococcus and CHROMagar Enterococcus


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