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CHROMagar™ Candida

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For isolation and differentiation
of major clinical-significant Candida species.

Typical Appearance of microrganisms

Candida albicans  green
Candida tropicalis  metallic blue
Candida krusei  pink, fuzzy
Other species → white to mauve

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5000 mL......... CA222
25 L............... CA223-25

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Medium Performance

1. High Contrast: intense colony colouration helping to differentiate species. 

2. 20-48 h incubation at 35-37 °C. 

3. Panoramic view of the Candida population mix with the ability to detect major species but  also the presence of minor populations.  

4. Powerful tool: displays high specificity and sensitivity for 3 of the major Candida species at a time. 
     Specificity and sensitivity: 
        - Candida albicans ! Exceed 99 %* 
        - Candida tropicalis ! Exceed 99 %* 
        - Candida krusei ! Exceed 99 %* 
* Specificity and sensitivity from scientific study: “CHROMagarTM Candida, a new differential isolation medium for the presumptive identification of clinically important Candida species.” Odds F. et al 1994, Journal of Clinical Microbiology, 32 : 1923-1929.

5. Less workload: with traditional media such as Sabouraud agar, identification of mixed cultures  is difficult, whereas CHROMagarTM Candida, just by the colour of the colony, will instantly differentiate various Candida species. 

6. Facilitates the choice of appropriate and optimised antifungal therapies.

Medium Description

Gain flexibility using powder rather than ready to use plates: Use the entire pack, or if there is a need for a smaller number of plates, just a portion. If kept under appropriate storage temperature, CHROMagarTM Candida has a more than 18 months shelf life. This flexibility is essential to avoid the waste resulting from expired-unused plates.

Please refer to our notice and Material Safety data sheet for complete information about the medium. 
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Last Update: 18-Nov-2019

Focus on Candida Species

Commensal yeasts usually present in the human mouth, gastro-intestinal tract, vagina and skin, Candida species can also be opportunistic pathogens. They are one of the most common causes of fungal infections. 

Two main diseases (called candidiasis or candidosis) are described: 
- Mucocutaneous Candidiasis: Usually of minor consequence, these skin or mucosal infections can, however, become severe in immunocompromised patients such as HIV-positive individuals. 
- Systemic Candidiasis: This nosocomial infection occurs in patients whose resistance to infection is drastically lowered as a result of immunosuppression, major surgery, trauma, etc. 

Candida Epidemiologic Issues 

Perhaps as a result of progress in medical therapy with a related decrease in patient resistance and increase in the number of susceptible hosts, the incidence of bloodstream Candida infections rose through the 1990s but has stabilised in recent years. 

More commonly, Candida species are involved in superficial oropharyngeal and urogenital infections. T “Early diagnosis is essential for early effective management of the patients.” WHO Guidelines on Standard Operating Procedures for Laboratory Diagnosis of HIV-Opportunistic Infections) 

Although C. albicans remains the major species involved, other types such as C. tropicalis, C. krusei or C.glabrata have increased proportionately as new antifungal agents have worked very effectively against C. albicans. 


Speciation of Candida species isolated from clinical specimens by using Chromagar and conventional methods


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Evaluation of chromogenic media and seminested PCR in the identification of Candida species


Enas Daef, Ahmed Moharram, Salwa Seif Eldin, Nahla Elsherbiny, Mona Mohammed Medical Microbiology and Immunology Department, Faculty of Medecine, Assiut University, Assiut, Egypt. Botany Department, Faculty of Science, Assiut University, Egypt

Application of CHROMagar Candida for rapid screening of clinical specimens for Candida albicans, Candida tropicalis, Candida krusei, and Candida (Torulopsis) glabrata.


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