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CHROMagar™ mSuperCARBA™ ...


We are glad to introduce you to our brand new medium CHROMagar™ mSuperCARBA™


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CHROMagar™ C.difficile ...

CHROMagar has developed an outstanding medium for the detection of Clostridium difficile    


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Where can i find my CHROMagar distributor? ...

CHROMagar dedicated a page to locate your distributor in more than 100 countries in the world

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GBS Screening : Use CHROMagar StrepB! ...


Bring colour to your GBS Screening!
CHROMagar StrepB

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Detection of Bacillus Cereus group: ...

CHROMagar developed a new product for the detection and enumeration of Bacillus cereus group in food and environmental samples...


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Salmonella kentucky detected by CHROMagar ...


Recent outbreaks involving the multi drug resistant Salmonella kentucky were observed worldwide...

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Product Leaflets !! ...


Download our product leaflets
from our product pages

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Non-Motile Salmonella: Emerging challenge ...

The food industry has observed an increasing and alarming number of cases of food contamination with non-motile Salmonella strains.

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Use CHROMagar STEC to screen E.coli ...

The harmful E.coli O104 recently detected in Germany was screened on worldwide premiere
CHROMagarTM STEC chromogenic medium in 24h incubation time! Read More.....

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